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How QR Code Works in Restaurant Businesses

How qr code works in restaurant

Quick Response code or QR code is gaining popularity as they are a convenient method of accessing information quickly. They work just like barcodes which we often see in stores but the difference is that they can store more data in comparison to barcodes. 

Consumers nowadays have and carry smartphones with them everywhere they go which makes QR codes easily accessible. Consumers can easily scan a QR code using their smartphone camera to visit any web URL, which is faster in comparison to entering a URL manually.  

COVID-19 crisis has changed the way businesses used to operate. Today everyone is offering contactless services at their restaurants. Use of QR code for food ordering and delivery, making the payment has become a new habit as customers can easily view menu, place an order, make payment by scanning QR code. 

QR Code Menus in Restaurants 

QR code menu makes it possible for the customers to view the digital food menu and order without physically touching any paper menu. Simply, scanning QR code enables placing of orders quickly.  

With QR code payments the need to exchange credit or debit card or cash is eliminated making the payment contactless especially during COVID-19 where people are practicing social distancing and no-touch has become a new norm. 

The customers are self-browsing the food menu and placing their orders by themselves so there are no or very less chances of mistakes in orders. Ordering is in the control of the customer so there is no worry of blame game because the customer chooses himself how he wants his dish to served or delivered to them.

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Use QR Code menus?

Below are the important simple steps which we can use food ordering using QR code menus: 

  1. Place QR code menus on table tops or at ordering stations from where the customers can scan your QR code easily with his or her mobile phone.   
  2. After customers are done with scanning the QR code menu, they can view the entire food menu without downloading any application on their mobile phones without contact with anyone.  
  3. Now they can place orders using a digital menu and staff receives the order as it is done normally.

How Restaurants Can Boost Sales by Personalizing Customer Targeting Using QR Codes

Restaurants that have been shut down due to the coronavirus crisis and are planning to re-open again must use QR code menus to help diners scan and access digital food menus on their smartphones and stay safe. QR codes have been used in various sectors and now everywhere from small businesses to big brands are using them for its several uses. 

Dynamic QR codes are the upgraded version of static QR codes that have the capability to change to the QR code in real-time. They help you to personalize the customer experience as per the days, time and location. 

Restaurants need to update their offerings on a regular basis because customer preferences keep changing. They do not remain the same and it is vital for restaurants to provide personalized experience to its customers in order to boost sales. 

Personalizing customer experience is a crucial marketing function in the restaurant industry since the restaurants have to constantly update their offerings and services based on changing customer preferences.

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How Dynamic QR Code Differs from Static QR Code

A dynamic code consists of a modifiable destination URL. The destination of a dynamic QR code can be changed at any time and whenever you want. It is easy to make changes, save re-printing costs and helps you make any changes as quickly as possible. On the other hand, a static code has a fixed destination URL. The data is stored directly in the QR Code graphic and so destination data is not possible to change. 

Benefits of Dynamic QR Codes to Boost Restaurant Sales

Restaurants can boost sales by using dynamic QR codes in the following ways:

  1. QR Code Campaigns can be implemented Based on Time of the Day: Many restaurants have different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with some special offers attached. Providing these offers to the customers is a good way to attract customers. Restaurant owners can save themselves from changing menu and offers on a daily basis on chalkboards by using scan-able and dynamic QR codes.  
  1. QR Code Campaigns Based on Particular Week Days: Restaurants usually observe high traffic and low traffic in some particular days. People visit restaurants more on the weekends than on weekdays for example, a restaurant near college can have more customers in week days while on the other hand families would prefer to visit on weekends and therefore a restaurant can make new QR code campaigns for the different days of the week and increase customers engagement. Dynamic QR code campaigns makes it possible for the restaurant owners to change campaigns based on the target audience for weekends and weekdays.
  1. QR Code Campaigns Based on Seasons and Festivals: Restaurant owners can use dynamic QR codes and keep changing offers and menus at the back-end by changing the linked URL of the QR Code. 

    If your QR code on the menu leads to offers on ice-tea or lemonade in the summer season and you want to change it to hot chocolate drinks, soups, etc., in the winter season you can easily do that using dynamic QR Code.  
  1. QR Code Campaigns with Flash Deals: At times, it happens when the customers visiting restaurants are very less. In such a situation, restaurant owners can put sales and discounts in the form of QR codes with an eye-catching headline to attract the customers to scan the code. 
  1. QR Code Campaigns to Update Information: Updating menus from time-to-time according to the changing preferences of customers and keep informing them about the same is necessary if you have a loyal customer base. Keeping your loyal customers informed about the latest additions to your menu through QR code campaigns can help you boost your restaurant sales. 
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Dynamic QR code campaigns remain an unused area with a lot of potential in the field of the restaurant business as well as marketing as an extremely great way to boost restaurant sales. The simple QR code hack of using a dynamic QR code rather than using a static QR code in your restaurant marketing campaigns can make it possible for you to increase the restaurant sales considerably.


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