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Top 10 Points how online food delivery business work in 2022

how food delivery business works

It’s a good business if you planning to start a food delivery business to support your nearby restaurant businesses. In our other post, you can find details about what you need to start a food delivery business. So today we see how online food delivery businesses actually work.

The online food delivery business is one of the popular businesses which sustain during past covid 19 periods and flourish too. Customers stay inside and order food from restaurants for doorstep services. This avoids chances of infection to employees as well as the customers.

How online food delivery business work?


  1. Merchant / Restaurant Registration. 
  2. Restaurant Listing Setup. 
  3. Customers visit the website or mobile app. 
  4. Customers browse, search restaurant listing & place orders. 
  5. Orders go to the respective restaurant. 
  6. The restaurant accepts & process order. 
  7. The platform automatically finds the nearest available driver. 
  8. Driver picks up the order from the restaurant. 
  9. The driver delivers orders to the customer’s address. 
  10. Customers accept the order and give feedback for delivery & food. 

Now we see the details of “How online food delivery business work?”

  1. Merchant / Restaurant Registration – Online delivery marketplace businesses make contacts and register restaurant owners on their online delivery marketplace solution. This is called an onboarding process in every online delivery marketplace business. More the restaurant, more traffic will come with more options for your customers. In today’s time, customers like to search and see variety, if you have 5 or 10 restaurants then it will not work properly, you need to provide them all options so that they use your platform frequently. 
  2. Restaurant Listing Setup – After the registration of new restaurant owners on the online delivery platform, either restaurant staff or platform owner staff enter the restaurant food menu into the platform to make a front-end listing of the restaurant. This is a very important step, this needs good pics of food, their prices & different options to choose from. After completion of data entry of food menu, restaurant listing ready to publish on front end website and mobile app of food ordering platform.
  3. Customer visit the website or mobile app – Customer who is the end consumer of your services visits your online food ordering website or online food delivery mobile app. Food delivery companies do marketing to create traffic on their website or mobile apps, they run paid ads, search engine marketing, social media marketing to generate traffic. 
  4. Customers browse, search restaurant listing & place orders – Customer use search bar in your website to see nearby available restaurant who provides delivery to their address. In the mobile app, it automatically detects the GPS location of the user and shows restaurants accordingly. Either they search restaurant name, food item name, or just food category. They browse through the different restaurant, select their order and place it with online payment or the option of pay on delivery.
  5. Orders go to the respective restaurant – As soon as the order is confirmed by the customer, it automatically goes to the respective restaurant and shows delivery remaining time to the customer. Mostly this timeline scale is between 30 – 40 mins or sometimes it depends on busy or lien time.
  6. The Restaurant accepts & process orders – There is a dedicated tablet assigned to each restaurant where they received orders with notifications. Restaurants have a choice to accept the order or can also deny it with the reason. As soon as they accept the order, the customer also gets a notification on their app that the order has been accepted by the restaurant. After acceptance order goes through a few couples of steps like preparation & change to food is ready when food is ready by the kitchen staff.
  7. The platform automatically finds the nearest available driver – In the meantime when food is in preparation with the restaurant, online food delivery platform software automatically finds nearby available drivers through GPS location. Each driver also has a driver mobile app that sends their present locations to the platform software. The system sends orders as a task to all drivers one by one, whoever accepts the order first will reach the restaurant to pick up the order for delivery.
  8. Driver picks up the order from the restaurant – Driver finds the location of the restaurant through the map and reached the restaurant for order pickup which has been ready till the time driver reach the restaurant address. Now order status has been changed to order has been pickup by the driver and it will be reaching you shortly.
  9. The driver delivers orders to the customer’s address – The driver drives through the location of the customer’s address which has been shown in their app provided by the online delivery platform. The customer is able to see live tracking of driver location on the map while he is driving. After reaching the customer’s address, the driver delivers the order to the customer takes signature, or takes a pic of the delivery as proof that he delivers the orders. Order status has been changed to delivered & Successful in the system.
  10. Customers accept the order and give feedback for delivery & food – The customer accepts the order and takes his food. After some time they get an option to rate or review the delivery service and also have the option to rate the food quality provided by the restaurant. Which will be published on the website and app so that restaurant & delivery providers improve their services.
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It’s a good business and the whole workflow of order processing is automatic. Order delivery managed through various stages and the customer always updated what the status of his order is. Customers rate and review the services so that the delivery platform will optimize their process as well restaurant keeps eye on their offerings.

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