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Food delivery app development cost from India

food delivery app development cost from India

Mobility is so much prevalent in the food business industry nowadays. Every customer like to order their favorite food from their convenience place and want to have it at own place instead of going to sit and eat at the restaurant. Many On-demand food delivery platforms are already successful in this field of business. Such […]

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What are the useful features in a Restaurant Mobile App in this digital age?

The mobile app, A new resource in this Digital age benefiting each and every business. As consumers/audience are growing day by day to be used to their smartphone devices as compared to their other desk system like desktops/ laptops/tablets. Restaurant business earning fruitful benefits from the mobile applications. The restaurant can grow their brand awareness, customer loyalty, […]

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How tablet can be used to take order at Restaurant ?

In this digital age of customers greeting a customer with a welcome message is not enough in Food business. They want some innovative ideas & value addition of digital technoilogy to make their restaurant visit memorable. Although Restaurant business can gain many advantages from digital solution through the various medium like a Mobile app for […]

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Food Delivery Mobile Application Development

“I wasn’t impressed with Technology until I downloaded Fablian  developed Food app.” Skyrocket your food offerings with a food delivery mobile applications developed at FoodAppsco. FOOD ORDERING / DELIVERY WEBSITE MASTER ADMIN PANEL RESTAURANT ADMIN PANEL CUSTOMERS – FOOD ORDERING / DELIVERY MOBILE APPS ( iPhone / Android ) DELIVERY GUY MOBILE APP WITH REAL-TIME […]

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Food ordering mobile apps development India

Food Ordering mobile apps development India

We live at the age of modern technologies, and applications sniggle into all field of human life, which make it simple and cozier. The merit of food ordering isn’t an exception. People spend more time while ordering food, and application goal to minimize this procedure, then gives clients a chance to do other vital activities. […]

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Advantages of mobile app for Restaurant business

Mobility the new era of Digital age useful for every business growth. Similarly, Mobile apps for your restaurant can scale & build your brand among the potential customers. Every restaurant owner wants to fill his dining area as maximum as possible. This is an essential part of growing restaurant business. In the today’s age of Digital, […]

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Top Use Cases for iBeacon technology in Food Business

beacon based food mobile apps development

Before going to the ideas for the beacon based mobile apps for Food Business, First, let’s see what is beacon technology. iBeacon / Beacon wireless technology is a wireless technology which broadcast signals for the specific distance i.e 200 meters maximum. A beacon device broadcast signal with a unique identifier and a location information through […]

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Food Ordering Mobile Apps for Food Take Away Business

Mobile Apps For Food Trucks

Mobile Applications for Food Trucks Mobile Apps, Food Ordering Websites for Food Truck business is an excellent choice to scale the sale and increase orders. In today’s digital world smartphones users are increasing day by day and most important fact is that every smartphone user spends more time on their mobile for reading news, shopping, […]

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