Self Ordering Kiosk System for Restaurant

Automated Self Ordering KIOSK System ( Android Based )

Self Ordering Kiosk System / Self Service Kiosk System

Self Ordering KIOSK system designed to fit with all sizes of restaurants. Self Ordering kiosk hardware comes in a range of different categories, It reduces your overheads and scales your customer experience with efficient ordering process.

It automate your ordering process & improve your earnings by eliminating the extra restaurant staff cost.

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What Self Ordering Kiosk System by FoodAppsCo do for you?

Self Ordering Kiosk system allows you to make your order process more efficient and awesome experience to your customers. Self-ordering experience for your customers drastically increases the average size of your orders. The following are the three major factors which help in growing your sales & profits.

Reduce Your Overheads

When you automate your ordering process, It reduces the need for extra staff & you start saving money.

Increase Your Profits

Reduction in overhead led to sharp increase in profit. You will get high returns on your initial investments

Process More Orders

Efficient ordering process enable you to process more orders.

Features of our Smart Self Ordering Kiosk System / Software

Our smart self-ordering kiosk system developed with many user-friendly features for your restaurant. This makes your ordering process smooth and more efficient. Nowadays due to the reduction in the cost of KIOSK hardware, many businesses utilizing self-ordering systems as we have already seen in Mcdonalds & other big chains.

100% White Label

Your own kiosk system, No third party branding.

Dine-in, Take Away & Delivery

Customer can choose dine-in, take away or delivery.

Highly User-Friendly

Easy to select options in menu items via just touch.

Multi-Location Support

System can work on your multi-locations.

Multi-language Support

We can offer multi language selections for your customers.

Payment via Cards, Cash

Pay at restaurant counter or via cards with in Kisok system.

Automatic KOT Printing

System print automatic receipts on multiple thermal printers via bluetooth or wifi.

Credit Card Terminal

We integrate application with integrated credit card terminal machine.

Discounts & Gift Cards

System process discount coupons & provide option to buy gift cards.

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