#1 White Label App Reseller Program

100% White Label App Reseller Program - Modern Applications

You can earn $5000+ each month with App Reseller Program

Join Our Reseller Program Without Paying any Hefty Monthly Fees

If you are in the business or you are in the field of marketing and in touch with many restaurant or other retail business owners. Then you can be our partner of the White Label App Reseller Program & start earning revenues with our range of digital products for your customers. You just need to collaborate with us and start selling the products right away without spending thousands of dollars upfront for making your own product or monthly recurring fees to the developer companies.

Join our White Label App Reseller Program today. We will set up your branded business so that you can start selling, supporting your local Restaurant and other business owners in this pandemic post period of COVID 19.

White Label App Reseller Program

Benefits of FoodAppsco White Label App Reseller Program

Nowadays different kinds of Food Ordering Systems in the Restaurant industry flourishing due to the need for contactless operations. We know it’s a digital age & the age where contactless services become essential due to pandemic COVID 19 situations, there is a huge opportunity in establishing new restaurant customers through our digital products. You can earn a residual regular income in selling ready or custom solutions to your nearest available restaurant owners by joining the “White Label App Reseller Program” today.

100% White Label Solutions

Your business, Your Customers. We work as a backend technical partner. Your business brand will be the face.

Special Packages

Special bulk packages for Reseller Partners create a way for more earning opportunities. Our all solutions are custom branded to your customers no automatic builders.

High Margins

 Our few reseller partners already earning 100%-150% margins. You are free to charge your customers above our special pricing.

100% Support

Our team will provide you full technical support as well as provide marketing material, previous project references, etc.

Ready / Custom Projects

We have an in-house development team. So it is easy for you to resell ready products or you can take custom development projects.

Exclusive Territory

We have an option of exclusive partner So that you can freely advertise your business without any competition and we also support you with leads of your areas

Businesses - Who can be your target market area for our tech solutions

You can target & provide services to many different kinds of businesses, few ideas of the business types have been shown below. Although our white label app reseller program’s solutions can be used by any product selling businesses.

Food Business

Restaurants, Takeaway Joints, Pizza Outlets, Snack Corners, Cafe, Cloud Kitchens, Mobile Food Vans, Bakeries, Cake Shops, Food Courts

Liquor Business

Restaurant, Bars, Clubs, Liquor Delivery (If allowed in your area), Wine Shops, Wine Tasting Joints

Retail Business

Any Product Selling Business can provide Pickup & Delivery of their products

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores, Grocery Department Stores, Grocery Mom & Pop Shops, Society indoor Grocery Shops, Fruit & Vegetable Shops, Cosmetics, Daily Needs Shops

Juice or Shakes Parlors

Ice cream parlors, Shakes Corners, Juice Corners

Medicine Shops

Pharmacy, Medicine Shops on Societies, Hospitals, etc. (You need to check your local authority rules & regulations)

White Label App Reseller Program - Join Now!

What You Get When You Become Partner With Us?

We don’t just give products at special prices to our partners but our White Label App Reseller Program empowered you to establish a proper new business brand. You just have to focus on making relationships with your restaurant customers & marketing of your business. We provide you following things when you join our App Reseller Programme.

Ready Business Website

Marketing website with all product info in your business branding.

Demo Web & Mobile Apps

Demo Webordering & Mobile Apps in your business branding.

100% Support

Complete technical support including product, server & app stores.

Special Prices

Special partner prices for each product line so that you can sell them comfortably.

Marketing Material

We provide you all marketing material. You can brand them with your business logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers of some frequently asked questions related to our “White Label Reseller Program” or “App Reseller Program”.
You can connect with us for more detailed information.

What is White Label App Reseller Program?

White Label means we will work as a backend partner under your business name. All solutions will have your or your customer business branding. None of them show our company branding anywhere in any web or mobile app application. We have a special program for all our resellers so that you can gain profit when selling our solutions to your customers.

There is any monthly cost involved in White Label Reseller Program?

No, Our packages are simple and straightforward, there are no monthly hefty fees involved in becoming our partners. Monthly fees in actuality are expensive if you calculate cost annually or so. Also, there is a risk if you want to change the developer company you can’t change it in monthly plans. You have customers or not but you need to pay monthly charges.

How to become White Label Reseller Partner with Foodappsco.com?

You need to send your interest by submitting your info in the below-given form and someone from our sales team will be connected with you in the next 12 to 24 hours. He will provide you details program details and all commercials/price packages for the same.
or you send a message at WhatsApp at  Click here!

Where you publish mobile apps and host web data?

We publish all mobile apps at your or your customer’s app store accounts. All web backend files will be hosted on our or your or your customer-provided web server. If you publish or host data on our app store account or web server there are no additional charges for it.

How we protect your end customer information?

We never approach your customers directly because we love to work with reseller partners. There is a long-term business that comes from a reseller partner and end restaurant clients only come for once. Although we have a proper process to enroll any new reseller partner. There will be a signed MSA (Master Service Agreement) & NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) between you and our company before starting our partnership. So that interests of both the party will be secure and healthy for the long term.

What is Exclusive Reseller Partner Program?

We have separate arrangements for Exclusive Partnership. The exclusive partnership means territories/areas that you like to book so that we will not make any new partner in your area and also if we receive any direct query from that area then we forward the query to you to fulfill it. Exclusivity allows you to work freely without any fear of coincidence where the single customer is approached by multiple peoples with the exact same tech solution.

Anyone can become White Label Reseller Partner?

We can’t initiate enrollment immediately in the first meeting, First, someone from our team discusses with the person who shared interest to become a reseller partner with us. The discussion will be about the profession of the interested person, business background, plan about target market area, types of business he can target, which of our solutions works best in his area, etc. Also, our due diligence team looks for the records that we don’t have an exclusive partner in that area, Then after analyzing everything we move forward with the White Reseller Partnership Enrollment.

Who can become our White label Reseller Partner?

Any business owner, marketing firm, digital marketing agency, tech agency, or individual from a marketing background/profession or who deals with the same target of businesses where our solutions fit the most can become our White Label Reseller Partner. Anyone planning to start a new business of tech solutions can also be a part of our Partners family.

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