Contactless Food Ordering System Cost

"Make your Restaurant Corona Safe with Contactless Food Ordering System"

Put controls in your customer’s hands & make them safe with fewer chances to human interactions. Contactless services are a need of present time also an opportunity to grow more by making your operations more automative. Either you run a Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, or any time of food serving business, a Contactless food ordering system will be for you. To support food businesses in this period, we developed this system to provide at one-time cost, no recurring fees, or commissions on orders. Take full control of orders & revenues in your hand.

Your Business, Your Customers & Your Revenues

No third party involvement, No Recurring fees, No Commissions on Orders

Contactless Food Ordering System For Restaurants

How much does a Contactless Food Ordering System Cost?

Onetime Cost – No Recurring Fees, No Commissions, 100% White Label to your Business

contactless food ordering system

Complete Contactless Food Ordering & Order Management System

contactless qr code based ordering system

Now Make Your Restaurant COVID Safe.

Premium Pack Without Delivery

$749 $999 * One-time cost

  • QR Code Generator Module
  • Different QR Codes for Different Tables
  • Loyalty Points on each order
  • Unlimited Menu Items 
  • Web Backend System
  • Live Orders with the Status update
  • Food Items with modifiers/options
  • Combo Category for Combo Items
  • 100% White Labeled to your Business Branding
  • Offer & Discount Coupon Module
  • Item Preparation Time Update to each order
  • Reorder Feature on the same order (Dine-in live orders)
  • Your Own Custom Domain 
  • Any 1 Local Payment Gateway Integration
  • Order Management Kitchen Android App 
  • Order Receipt Printing (Automatic / Manual)
  • Curbside Pickup / Take Away Option
  • Dine-in Table Ordering
  • Contactless Payment System
  • Dine-in Table Reservation 
  • Your Own Customer Data & Sales Report 

Get Started

*Annual maintenance $99 after the first year
(optional in the one-time plan)
*No Annual maintenance fee in the monthly payment plan

  • Everything of Silver Pack
  • Food Delivery Option
  • Customer can place orders from Home / Office
  • Delivery Guy Apps – iPhone & Android
  • Multiple Delivery Boy Registration
  • Branded Customer Apps – iPhone & Android (*$299)

Get Started

*Annual maintenance $99 after the first year
(optional in the one-time plan)
*No Annual maintenance fee in the monthly payment plan

Frequently Asked Questions for Contactless Food Ordering System Cost

How Contactless Food Ordering System works?

It’s a web application. It works with a web server. There is a QR code generator module in the web admin panel from where you can generate multiple QR codes. Customers scan these QR codes and get your awesome food menu on their mobile irrespective of any app downloads. No need to download any apps. Customer places their orders via mobile phone and orders go to your order management kitchen app, they process orders and serve them to customers without interaction with them physically. Customers can place orders from sitting on a table or from their car for curbside pickups.

It's a recurring monthly charges or one time investment?

Contactless Food Ordering System Cost – Contactless food ordering prices are made to provide the 100% white labeled solution for on-time cost only. There will be no recurring price, commissions on each order. You own your business, own customer data, and manage your revenues too.

Why Contactless Food Ordering System or Contactless food ordering system?

Due to the present time of the corona crisis and nonavailability of vaccine of this pandemic disease. The lifestyle of customers has been changed. Customers go there where they feel safe and adopting all contactless measures to avoid further spread of this disease. A contactless food ordering system provides a convenient way of placing food orders at your business without less interaction with humans. Every business innovating its process to provide safe systems to their customers as well as their employees. Contactless Food Ordering System Cost – Contactless food ordering price provide a system by which your customer can place orders for their favorite food without much-contacting humans at your business.

What about the payment gateway system for contactless payments?

We have two options for all our solutions. One of the pay in cash & the other is paying online via cards. we integrate any 1 local payment gateway with the system based on your choice. So that your customers can place an order for cash or pay contactless via online payment gateway through cards.

Can customers place orders via this system when sitting on the table?

Yes, Customers can place orders via bar codes placed on all tables of your restaurants. Even though the system will automatically take the table number where the order needs to be serviced.

What about support from Foodappsco after delivery?

We provide one year of support for free after delivery of the Contactless food ordering system cost to our customers. Although you can renew the support for just $99 after one year of delivery.

System will be White Label to my business? What it means?

Yes, the system will be 100% white-label to your business branding. It means it will not have our branding on any place and contains your logo & colors with all content related to your business only.

Can you customize contactless food ordering system?

We have in house developers, if you like to customize any new features we can code it for you for additional charges. Just discuss your requirements with our salesperson he will provide you more information about it.

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