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10 ways by which Food delivery companies make money 2022

how food delivery company earn money

As you already know that in the present time of new normal every delivery based business is flourishing. Every customer places an order online and wants to get the product delivered at home to stay safe at home and want to avoid infectious COVID19 spread. Although this delivery-based marketplace model has been in popularity for many years now ranging from top names like Amazon, Food Panda, Deliveroo, Justeats, etc. They are doing very well in business.

Many new entrepreneurs are coming into this business industry and launching their own delivery business models. If you are also planning for launching a Food delivery business and want to know how these businesses earn money then this post is for you. Here we will show you how food delivery companies make money from running a food delivery marketplace platform.

How food delivery marketplace companies make money?

Although there are many different ways by which food delivery companies make money but today we will discuss the top 10 ways by which these delivery companies make money from restaurants or orders placed by the customer on their food delivery marketplace systems.

  1. Commission from orders placed on marketplace websites or apps.
  2. Subscription packages.
  3. Sponsoring restaurant listing.
  4. Registration fee from restaurants.
  5. Delivery fees collection for delivery orders.
  6. Payment gateway charges.
  7. They charge for miscellaneous services from restaurant owners.
  8. Marketing campaigns.
  9. Social Media Marketing / Branding.
  10. Tech solutions to restaurant owners.
  11. TEXT / SMS / Email Marketing services.
  1. Commission from orders placed on marketplace website or app: Food delivery companies tie-ups with restaurant owners and charge a fixed amount of fee on each order or fixed percentage on each order that comes through their platform to the particular restaurants. This commission will be deducted by the food delivery marketplace companies and reimburse the rest of the amount to the restaurant business account.
  2. Subscription packages: Food delivery marketplace companies offers special subscription packages to restaurant businesses. These packages based on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly payments. All plans can be differently defined based on the features platform provides to restaurants like the number of items they can showcase, the number of orders they can accept in a fixed duration, Their listing with the food menu will be live on the platform for a fixed tenure, etc.
  3. Sponsoring restaurant listing: Food delivery companies charges some amount from restaurant to showcase their listing as sponsored which will be showcased on prominent places on website or apps, in featured sections, always stay top on search results, etc. Restaurants pay for this service so that they can get more eyes from the customers and get more orders from the platform.
  4. Registration fee from restaurants: When anyone launches a food delivery business for the first time, this model will not work much but once your brand of food delivery business becomes popular you can charge a fixed amount for the registration of a restaurant on your delivery platform.
  5. Delivery fees collection for delivery orders: food delivery companies charge delivery charges based on the distance of merchant and actual end customers for delivery services of orders. They deduct some part of delivery charges for themselves and the rest they pay to their delivery fleet.
  6. Payment gateway charges: Similarly they can set some commission from the payment gateway charges, end customer or sometimes payment gateway offers the part of transaction charges as a margin to the delivery platform owner.
  7. They charge for miscellaneous services from restaurant owners: In backend operations they provide them packing materials, they provide them, vendors, for various raw materials used on whole preparations, branding services. Stationary for the restaurant business, training courses for process more orders, etc.
  8. Marketing campaigns: Every platform has the option to offer different types of discounts and offers to customers. Food delivery companies in consultation with restaurant owners run a specific marketing campaign for particular days to promote them and get more orders to them. They charge them some fee for this service.
  9. Social Media Marketing / Branding: Some food delivery marketplace companies offer services of promoting restaurants on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. They provide all services related to the branding of the restaurant business.
  10. Tech solutions to restaurant owners: They provide them many tech solutions for backend operations like the point of sale systems, Kitchen staff apps, separate mobile food ordering apps for restaurants who don’t want to show their food on their platform and want to create their own branding.
  11. TEXT / SMS / Email Marketing services: Every food delivery company runs special campaigns for text/SMS or email newsletters. These services are sponsored by restaurant owners.
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There are many other ways by which food delivery companies earn money, it’s a good business if you want to scale it for long terms and a good source of passive income.

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