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Best white label delivery marketplace apps from India – [2022]

best food delivery business apps

Delivery marketplace place business flourishing these days. After corona in new normal of doing business, the customer prefers to order more from their home and offices in place of physical visits to the stores. This makes new entrepreneurs launch new businesses in any delivery business model.

It’s not just limited to food delivery, but nowadays, many different business platforms provide and cover more business industries. Just the focus on timely delivery of orders with the utmost customer convenience.

What are the different delivery business models?

So what are the different delivery business models you can start with? First, you need to check your contacts and relations whom you can target for your business.

  • Food delivery marketplace business.
  • Grocery delivery marketplace business.
  • Brakery delivery marketplace business.
  • Liquor delivery marketplace business.
  • Home decor delivery marketplace business.
  • Fresh Raw meat delivery marketplace business.

What are White Label Marketplace apps?

White label means you will purchase a whole project from some development company and they provide solutions with the branding of your business name & contents. You owned to work with the platform where the main license is with that developer company only. Although your end customer will not able able to know that you are using any third-party platform because it has no name them. This is called white label marketplace apps, it is completely in your business branding and ready to start without waiting for custom coding for 4 – 5 months. Generally, all white label marketplace apps are cheap to own as compare to custom-developed applications.

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What are all solutions do we need in delivery marketplace business?

We need the following bare minimum solutions to run a full-fledged marketplace business. Ready White label food delivery marketplace app or White label grocery delivery marketplace apps.

  • Mobile Responsive Website Portal.
  • Web backend system for Master Administrator.
  • Web backend ssystem for each Merchant user.
  • Customer mobile apps on iPhone & Android platform.
  • Merchant mobile apps on iPhone & Android to manage orders.
  • Driver mobile apps (iPhone & Android) for order deliveries.
  • Delivery management web console to tracks deliveries & drivers.

Top features of White label delivery marketplace application?

  • Avaialability on each platform – Website, iPhone & Android.
  • Loyalty points section for customers.
  • GPS based merchant listings.
  • Online as well as offline payment methods.
  • Push, TEXT & Email notifications.
  • Real time tracking of order deliveries.
  • Customer report management
  • Live tracking for online drivers & their location while delivering the orders.
  • and much more you can look at here

Where you can get Ready White label Delivery Marketplace Applications in India at reasonable rates?

You can contact a food apps development company, they are well known for custom development & many ready products for the food industry.

They have ready white label delivery solutions for marketplace business. already running with many satisfied clients and businesses.

White Label Delivery marketplace solutions


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