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10 reasons you should have a Digital food menu for your restaurant

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There are many recent developments in technology for restaurant businesses ranging from digital POS systems, automation through self-ordering kiosk systems, Bluetooth printers, etc. The core job of a restaurant business is to serve fantastic and tasty food for which they need to present their food menu to their customers. Why paper food menu? wherein this modern world restaurant businesses are shifting to adopting digital food menus for their customers. The Traditional based food menu has been replaced by a digital food menu system due to serval benefits which we will discuss in today’s blog article.

What is a Digital Food Menu system for a Restaurant?

Digital Food Menu System is those intangible food menus that can be browsed over mobile or tablet devices. Customers can easily scan a QR code from their mobile phone and get a beautiful food menu on their mobile phone. Some restaurant owners put a large smart screen In their restaurant to display their food menu. There is no need for any human distribution of food menu or there is no need for a bunch of paper food menu. There is a backend system from there you can easily manage your food menu on daily basis. Some digital food menu system has ordering feature also where your customer can place an order directly for your kitchen staff.

Contactless Food Ordering System For Restaurants

Why you should have a digital food menu for your restaurant?

There are tremendous benefits of having a digital food menu for your restaurant, ranging from reducing your overheads, increase your revenues, increase customer loyalty & much more. Global trend showing especially after the recent corona crisis that many restaurants are already switched to digital food menu systems in place of traditional paper-based food menus. So today we will see the top 10 benefits of having a digital food menu for your restaurant food business.

  1. Reduce your overheads of printing paper-based food menus.
  2. Updated food menu for your customers on a daily basis.
  3. No heavy investment needed to adopt a digital food menu system.
  4. Helps in upselling & increase your food order average size.
  5. Creative option to show your food menu.
  6. Helps in automation of food ordering.
  7. Cost-effective & increase your revenue.
  8. Reduce human-based errors.
  9. Fully contactless way of doing business.
  10. Enhance customer experience.
  1. Reduce your overheads of printing paper-based food menu: Digital food menu is an easy use system, where you don’t need to invest recurring costs to print food menu again whenever you want some change in food menu or some item cost changes. You can easily save thousands of dollars from printing & become eco-friendly too.

  2. Updated food menu for your customers on a daily basis: Your customer will always get an updated food menu. You can easily change the food menu on daily basis from a backend panel that comes with a Digital food menu system.
    Even you can provide a dynamic food menu to your customers based on lien hours, rush hours, based on customers rush in your restaurant premises, lunchtime, dinner time, weekends, etc.

  3. No heavy investment needed to adopt a digital food menu system: Digital food menu systems are not much expensive to invest in. there are many food tech companies who are providing this for minimal monthly cost or you can straightly purchase the system for a few hundred dollars. Where digital food menu systems give a lot of benefits, the cost of investment is nothing in front of it.
    You can get in touch with Digital Food Meu System Company to get this product at a one-time cost.

  4. Helps in upselling & increase your food order average size: One of the amazing features of the digital food menu system is to upsell your food items while customers placing the food ordering on this system. This has been said and seen in analysis that customers order more when they see creative food menus with large food item pictures. They order more because no human waiter is around them there is no urgency to place an order quickly. An increase in order average size results in an increase in overall revenues of the restaurant business.

  5. Creative option to show your food menu: Digital food menus are the creative way to showcase your food items in the food menu. HD food pictures, easy to use, etc. You can present as many food categories as you want, you can put as many food items you want, there are no restrictions that it will cost you high if you want to become more creative or show a large number of food items like paper-based food menu.

  6. Helps in automation of food ordering: Some digital food menu systems come with the feature of placing food orders directly from the customer mobiles. Customer sit’s on a table in your dining area, there is a QR code on a table stand, they scan it and get food menu on their mobile device, they place an order with the payment through card and order directly send to the order management app placed in the kitchen. The kitchen staff update the order status and get ready the food to serve by the waiter to the customer table.
    This automation saves your manpower and enhances your food order-taking process. You can serve more orders to get more food revenue with more efficiency.

  7. Cost-effective & increase your revenue: Implementation of a Digital food menu system will be a cost-effective digital technology for your restaurant business. It saves your cost on recurring paper menu printing, saves space to put the paper food menu, reduces your manpower costs, serves more customers by reducing waiting time, fewer chances of human order taking errors, etc. This eventually increases your food revenues up to 30 – 50% of what you are presently doing already.

  8. Reduce human-based errors: Digital food menu reduces the chances of human errors like sometimes customer place order for something and waiter listen to something else, errors in taking a number of items, sometimes customer intentionally change the order when your waiter reach table with the ready order, etc. Digital food menu system reduces these changes which reduce your cost in wastages because you always serve what the client is asking to satisfy him. You can’t fight him that you originally ordered this and now denying it when this is ready. These are the cases just for example.

  9. Fully contactless way of doing business: Due to the recent crisis of covid 19 or corona, the way of doing business is completely changed now in every sector. So digital food menu system works as pure contactless operations where everything has been done without much involvement of humans apart from customer and payment can also be done through online within the system. This is much essential in today’s new normal in every restaurant food business.

  10. Enhance customer experience: Digital food menu system drastically upgrade your customer experience in the dining area of your restaurant. After implementing digital food many systems your customers don’t need to wait for the waiter to take the order, They can easily browse the whole menu and take time and place order calmly, no fear of giving order quickly because the waiter is standing behind them, getting each update on their mobile while the order is in preparation, They can easily place more orders without asking for paper-based food menu from the waiter, etc.
    They even take a snap of your QR code and can place orders in advance from their home so that when they sit at the table order will be ready in no minutes.

  11. Bonus point especially for you: Apart from all the above useful benefits, I like the idea of an always updated & dynamic menu. You can present always an updated menu, run low prices in lunch or lien hours, run average or real prices in dinner or weekend types. The whole digital food menu will be dynamic and you can manage it as per your analysis and offer specials accordingly. You can even offline or online your food items In real-time. This will raise your overall order revenues and scale your profits up to 50%. This figure is not that much small that you want to miss this opportunity.
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As you all ready seen that there are enormous benefits of having a digital food menu system for your restaurant business, Many of your competitors are already shifting to use digital food menu systems and ditching the traditional paper-based food menu. This is absolutely essential to adopt this technology in your restaurant business in this new way of doing business via contactless medium after a recent crisis of covid 19. A digital food menu system will reduce your overheads and scale your revenues up to 50% of what you are currently doing.

Providing an updated and dynamic food menu to your customers is of utmost essential and this can only be possible through Digital Food Menu System without spending recurring costs on the printing of paper-based food menus.


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