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7 benefits of having an app for Restaurant business post covid 19

benefits of having app for restaurant business

Gradually we are coming back to new normal after a recent crisis of spreading the virus. We learn a lot with this pandemic and hopefully, we all soon vaccinated and back to business as soon as possible. Restaurants, as well as other businesses, are opening with new standards of operations – a new regime of contactless services.

It’s not about the corona only but new innovative technologies for restaurant business helps restaurant owners to scale their business and reduce their overheads. Food ordering apps for restaurant owners are essential to scale their business with a new opportunity of pickup & delivery services. These services were already there previous to covid time also, but now your customer is used to them in comparison to in dining services.

Restaurant businesses are opening but still, there are restrictions on dine-in services, it is not allowed fully dine-in services, somewhere you can cater to limited guests, somewhere you are only allowed to have outside dine-in services. So you are only left with a full-fledged pickup and delivery food services app.

7 benefits of having an app for Restaurant business post-Covid 19

Although there are numerous benefits of having a food ordering mobile app for the restaurant business. Today we will discuss the top seven benefits of having a mobile app for your restaurant business. Food ordering mobile app for restaurants not only scales your level of operations but saves expenses in maintaining many manual works and ultimately gives you more profit in long run.

  1. Reduce your overheads: Primary reason is a mobile app for your restaurant business reduces your overheads of having a paper menu, call-taking staff, marketing efforts, etc. Through mobile apps, you can engage with your regular customers directly through various promotions you can send through push notifications directly to their mobile device. You do not need to print your paper menu each time you think about a change in prices or a change in running offers.

    You can easily run your updated menu differently for different times of the day. For example on weekdays at lunchtime, you can offer special lunch item menus with attractive prices. You can manage different offers & menu items depends on the lean & peak time of your business.
  2. Customer experience: You can provide esteem value addition to your customers by providing them the convenience to place orders at their wish time. Either they are at home or passing through your restaurant. They can place orders and pick up them at their desirable time. Many businesses are doing this and scaling on these pickup services. You can provide curbside pickup services, the customer comes and confirm their arrival and you deliver the order in your parking bay.
  3. Discount offers: As you are saving the commission which you are paying to a third-party app company, having your own food ordering branded app gives you control over pricing your items and you can offer reasonable discounts & offers to your customers.
  4. Complete control over customer data: If you see in the deep third-party apps or delivery companies never share the customer data with you. You can’t own customer data, you can’t run further marketing campaigns for your business. Having your own mobile app for your restaurant business gives you full control over your customer data & their feedback. You can use that for further marketing of your restaurant business and it will not be shared with any competitor.
  5. Branding of your business: Having your own food ordering mobile app for your restaurant business gives your brand an professional brand image like all big chains doing already like burger king, KFC, MC Donalds, Dominos, Pizza hut, etc. Having a website, web ordering & food ordering mobile apps gives strength to your business brand among your customers. You will be always on the device of your customers as an app icon, they see it when they search the app for placing food orders.
  6. Optimize your ordering process: Mobile app optimizes your food ordering process for pickup and delivery. The customer doesn’t need to stand in a queue or call you to place the orders. There will be no human errors in placing or listening to the order details. No point in the conflict. Customer places orders through mobile app and pays the bill in advance through the online payment gateway. This automatically confirms orders placed by the respective customer only.
  7. Availability of all types of services: Through mobile for your restaurant business you can provide all types of food ordering services, either in-house food ordering, pickup orders, or delivery orders. If you don’t want to start delivery services you can start with Dine-in reservation & pickup order services.
  8. Bonus: Customer Engagement: You can engage with your regular customers with regular offers, discounts, loyalty programs, gift cards through email, text or push notifications. Provide them reward points on each visit to your restaurant business, etc.
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From the above points, it has been clear that every restaurant business should have a food ordering mobile app for their business. It gives confidence to your customers to place orders without any human intervene. Helps in providing a pure contactless medium of operations, avoid human errors & scale your order numbers with a large ticket size. Having a mobile app for your restaurant business is very easy these days, you can contact and they have many ready solutions for restaurant owners with tested expertise.



  • Great Article!!! You have shared valuable information for the food and restaurant business. But I think still, people will afraid to buy foods from outside the home due to covid.

  • These are some great points that you have listed and very important ones. Customers today are very aware about how and where they are eating from, the pandemic has made them very aware. This is why transparency and optimization of ordering process is of utmost importance. Installation of online ordering system works best in this scenario. It helps the restaurant reach out to more potential customers, convert those leads and retain them.

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