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How you can Support nearby Restaurant Business during the Corona Period?

how you can support local restaurant business

Coronavirus has impacted the restaurant business across the globe. With uncertainty floating all around, declining sales, and fear of dropping business is embedded in the mind of restaurant business owners. They are putting efforts to reassure customers that they are taking all possible steps to combat the coronavirus. 

To control the spread of coronavirus pandemic, Governments had mandated the closure of restaurants and bars and the growing fear of dropping businesses is going to harm and may even kill the restaurants who are already having thin margins. After this tough time, Now the restaurant business starts opening so we need to support local restaurants.

Here are the few ways through which you can support restaurants nearby:

  1. Ask How You Can Help: Every business is facing a crisis and dealing with the crisis in its own way. So, it is worth asking your nearby restaurants how they are dealing with the changes and what help you can provide them to support them during this difficult time. There are a lot of restaurants that are asking for donations to support their newly laid-off employees.  
  1. Ask for Options Before Cancellation: Local restaurants are trying innovative ways to keep their business alive during coronavirus pandemic. If you want to help them don’t cancel your orders because cancellation means completely leaving the business out of pocket instead you can ask business owners what other alternatives they have. 

    The business owners know their business very well and they will definitely offer you something which can keep your plan alive and you can also help their business through this. 
  1. Tech Savvy Peoples can also help: If you are tech-savvy or know to promote the restaurant business, You can provide suggestions to digitalize the restaurant business in such an optimum way so that will increase the sales with little money. The restaurant business can have its own food ordering app, food delivery app, QR-based contactless food ordering system, etc.

  2. Go Out for Dinning if You Feel Comfortable: The restaurant industry is taking all steps to make their kitchens, dining area, restrooms, entrance, etc. clean and hygienic as never before. 

    Coronavirus is known to spread in two ways namely, surface contact and airborne transmission so if you are maintaining social distance and the surfaces are being disinfected and there are fewer people then there are fewer chances of getting exposed to any risk. 

    Well at many places restaurants are still closed but some places are back to normal with all safety measures, so if you are comfortable to step-out and your favorite restaurants are welcoming guests you may go and eat. 
  1. Honor Reservations: If you have booked a table in your favorite nearby restaurant, and later on if you changed your mind and not show up this is the worst thing to do especially in this environment when businesses are going through a tough time so honor reservations to help them manage things effortlessly. 
  1. Cancel Your Reservations in Time: If you are not going to show up then please take a moment to make a call or inform them that about your cancellation because reaching out in time saves restaurants cost as they won’t have to purchase food that won’t be used. Also, a phone call or information can prevent food wastage. If it is possible, try to reschedule your reservation instead of cancelling it. 
  1. Opt for Carry Out or Delivery: If you cannot eat at your favorite restaurant this does not mean that you can’t enjoy the restaurant’s food and support them. You can help them by using their delivery services. Many restaurants are offering contactless delivery as a precautionary measure to combat the spread of coronavirus. Restaurants all over the world are pivoting and one solution to the mandatory closures is pick-up and delivery. Don’t forget to add a tip for the delivery person. A small tip of extra money can make them happy. 
  1. Ask Restaurants for Meal Kits: Many restaurants were not having food delivery service but as the coronavirus has resulted in fewer people visiting the restaurants many have started offering food delivery service. A lot of restaurants are offering weekly or special order meal kits for pick and delivery. 

    Meal kits are not standard packages; they are thoughtfully-prepared packages that can serve whole families. So if you are home, ask your local restaurant if they deliver a meal kit to your doorstep. If yes, you can buy meal kits to support your local restaurants. 
  1. Buy Gift Cards and Merchandise: You can support your restaurant by buying gift cards from them and dine later. As soon as you purchase a gift card the fund is immediately deposited into the restaurant account so if you are in a position to buy a gift card and wait for some time you can help your local restaurants to survive in this tough time. 

    Gift cards are the direct revenue to the restaurants and using this fund they can support their business as well as help their employees financially during crisis time. So, buying gift cards is the best thing to show your support to the restaurant. 
  1. Get your hands on some Merchandise: Just like gift cards merchandise is also a source of revenue for the restaurants. Many restaurants do have awesome merchandise (coffee mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, hats and hoodies) you can buy some of these things and support your local restaurants. 
  1. Give Good Ratings and Positive Reviews: If you don’t want to spend money but yet want to support your local restaurants one easy way to do that is to write positive reviews on various platforms such as Yelp and Google. This will not only make them happy but will also help them in getting business during the present time but can have a long-lasting impact post-pandemic.  When restaurants reopen, positive reviews and good ratings can help them in attracting new customers. 

    We all know that the coronavirus pandemic has disturbed the lives of everyone whether it’s big business, local business, or the common people. No one is left untouched by the devastating impact that coronavirus has imposed on us. Lockdown has put everyone in a situation of house arrest, social distancing has made everyone to stay apart from each other, no-touch behavior has become a new norm. Of course, all these things are the new normal today but one thing we should keep in mind is that it is our moral responsibility to support the needy and be a responsible person.  


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