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How much does it cost to develop a Restaurant Mobile App?

Restaurant mobile app cost India

A very common question, What a Restaurant App development cost?

In a short and straightforward answer, it fully depends on what all features are there and what custom feature you think required based on your class of customers. The cost will depend on how much time a food app developer will take to code those features. All food apps development estimate cost of development on this basis only.

In a restaurant mobile app development work, the Cost of a Restaurant Mobile App development classify into many categories depends on automation features, integration of third-party services, use of innovative technology as a beacon, NFC, RFID, etc.

Generally many offshore mobile app development companies have some Readymade app solutions where you can test their already made functionalities & buy them. You can draft a list of App features you like the most and developers can code it exclusively for your business. To jump-start, mobile app usage for your Restaurant business, Starting with a Ready-Made solution is always a good idea.

A Restaurant mobile app development company analyzes your requirements & quotes you the price based on your shared features and the development hours it will take to develop an app.

In my experience to estimate the cost first, we need to classify what we are looking for in terms of the following.

  1. Platform – iOS / Android or Both. This will be based on your audience. Although having an app on both platforms always a better idea.
  2. Detailed outlook of Features – It just an app for branding or provide the functions like Table Reservation, Food Ordering, etc.
  3. Innovativeness – Any special technology integrated into it Like iBeacons, NFC / RFID, QR Code, etc.
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Solutions you can look for your restaurant business

  1. Pickup & Delivery Mobile App
  2. The contactless digital food menu system
  3. Web Ordering system for your website
  4. Self-ordering Kiosk System
  5. Ready to use pizza ordering mobile app
  6. Multi Restaurant Marketplace Solution

How much does it cost to develop a Restaurant mobile app?

  • Ready to use solution.  ($499 – $999)
  • The custom-developed solution as per your needs. $5000 – $15000

Ready Made Restaurant App starts from $499 – $699 if you take the solution from offshore & one time cost. Some charge you monthly fees like $99 – $299 in short term it looks good for the business but having a long-term strategy it goes very expensive.

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Custom development of Restaurant Mobile App cost you anywhere between $5000 – $15000 from the offshore agency assuming they charged between $12 – $15 per hour efforts and you are going with experience company no freelancer short-term efforts.

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