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How digital food menu works in the restaurant business

how digital food menu works

It has been a few months since we live in coronavirus surroundings, slowly and gradually it becomes normal to live with it in our routine life. But the way of living drastically changed and everyone more inclined to safety, social distancing & good hygiene practices for the time being till the vaccine for this pandemic COVID-19 virus.

The restaurant industry which suffers the most during this period, now gradually opening its facilities as restrictions from government are release. Although the situation is not totally clean yet, They start adopting new sanitization procedures for the safety of their employees and customers.

Way of doing business is changed now, Restaurant business needs to adopt the new process of taking orders from the customers to provide them safe feeling in doing business with them.

It depends on the services provided by the restaurant business i.e. Dine-in, Pick-up, Dine-in with pre-defined orders & delivery at the doorstep of customers. Today we will discuss how the digital food menu works wonder in the restaurant business to avoid usage of paper-based flyers which assume to be touched by different humans at multiple times.

What is the digital food menu in the Restaurant business?

The traditional way of doing a restaurant business is to print thousands of paper food menu to distribute at the cash counter, dine-in tables, parking & in marketing media. Customers go through the food menu and place orders verbally to the staff of the restaurant. During COVID 19 period there is a risk in this process because of multiple human interactions at each level of orders.

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A paper-based menu has been touched by different members like cleaning staff, waitress staff, customers, delivery guy, etc. So restaurant owners need to remove this concern from their business now with the Digital Food Menu.

Digital Food Menu is the menus that are web-based or app-based, customers access them on the internet from their own smartphones. Restaurant staff no need to distribute any flyers to showcase their food menu.

How digital food menu works in the restaurant business?

There are several ways through which restaurant can adapt digital food menu in their business as following :

  1. QR based digital food menu: This is a simple way of showcasing your food menu via QR code placed at various spaces of your restaurant.
    You can implement QR codes in various styles in your business, it is not just limited to show food menu. but there are various other benefits also as mentioned below :
    • QR enabled Digital Food menu: You have a mobile responsive Food Menu on your restaurant website and one QR code has been linked to the URL of the food menu. You place QR codes on various places where your customer comes to scan it through phone camera and it opens the food menu URL on the web browser of the smartphone to see the food menu and then customers tell you the order whatever they like.
    • QR enabled Digital Food Menu with Order facility: Same as above you can get a web ordering system from food ordering web development company. This will be attached to your existing website and you can link the URL of web orders to the QR code so that your customer can scan and place the order in realtime to your kitchen. It is a far safer version of using QR based contactless food ordering system. The basic version of the digital food menu still needs a person to talk to give orders but that is not a case with a web ordering system.
    • QR enabled Food Ordering mobile app: Customers can scan QR code and it will open the apple or android play store so that customers can download your food ordering restaurant app in their smartphone and use the app to place the orders.
      Having your own branded mobile app in your customer smartphone as its own merit. You can send them occasionally push notifications, engage with them. They can place orders forms their home and offices, you can offer reward points for each order, etc. It also acts as a contactless medium to place orders from your customers, along with that give a boost to your customer service, branding & scalability to grab the attention of your routine customers.

      image 3
  2. Self Ordering KIOSK system for Restaurant: Self-ordering KIOSK system are the big displays that show your full variety of digital food menu and the customer can place the order directly to your kitchen. These machines have options like Dine-in, Takeaway & delivery. Although it is costlier to install these KIOSK systems in the restaurant, to begin with, digital food menu services. But it highly increases the productivity of the ordering process in your restaurant and results in scale in orders. People orders more when they see a full, big & attractive food menu.

    self ordering kiosk system software 3
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The digital food menu is essential for Restaurant business now if you really like to make feel safe your customers. It’s a time need to adapt new Digital systems in your operations to survive during this virus period.


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