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Cost of Online Food delivery Marketplace apps from India

food delivery marketplace apps cost

Online food delivery marketplace business has been in popularity from the past few years, Now consumers are fully adapted to on-demand food ordering from their homes or offices. Due to the recent pandemic situation of COVID 19 or coronavirus, the government put lock-downs majorly in each part of the global world.

All restaurants are closed for dine-in eating, they can do delivery or pickup services only. In this business scenario, recently online food delivery marketplace platforms flourishing and start supporting restaurants for deliveries & pickup reservations.

If you are too interested in opening the business of the online food delivery marketplace, you are in the right place. Today we see what all digital solutions we require for the functioning of this business & how much is the cost of online food delivery marketplace apps from India.

So, What all solutions required for the operation of the Online food delivery marketplace business?

Automation is necessary to scale any-type of business in this present time. Especially in the case of online food delivery marketplace business, where lots of different service providers are involved in proving the food order deliveries. Starting from the customer who places the orders, orders go to a respective restaurant, then order assigned for the delivery to riders & final confirmation of the order delivery.

Digital Solutions for Online Food Delivery Market Place Application

  • On-Demand Food Ordering Market Place Website
  • Web Panel for Restaurant for Menu & orders Management
  • Web Panel for Master Admin Panel
  • Market Place Mobile Apps on iPhone & Android for Customers
  • Order Taking / Management App for Restaurant to manage the customer orders
  • Rider / Delivery App on iPhone & Android with real-time tracking of order deliveries
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Combination of all above solution become a full-fledged On-Demand Food Ordering Marketplace Platform.

Cost of developing On-Demand Food Ordering Marketplace Apps from India

So, Costing of getting digital solutions for your new online food delivery marketplace business shall be categories into two models. Each model has their own benefits.

  1. Hire Food apps development company to develop your solutions purely based on your requirements.
  2. Get a Ready Market Place solution for the Food delivery business to start your business immediately and later on go for the custom development after acquiring some clients from the market.

Custom Developed solutions for Food delivery market place

This is an effective and scalable option but takes initial money & time investment to start your marketplace business. You just need to talk with some experts who are into the food ordering solution development domain and share with them your custom requirements to get start developing your solutions.

This option cost between $5500 – $20,000 if you hire a company from offshore like in India else it will cost you higher in your local area around $50,000 plus. Along with money this option also wants an ample time of 3 – 6 months for developing all the above-mentioned solutions for you.

Advantages of Custom Development

  • All applications will be developed based on your requirements. There are no restrictions like in ready / pre-made features.
  • The source code of all the solutions will be owned by you only.
  • Easy to scale your business in terms of getting investors for your business because the IP of all the solutions will be with you.
  • Easy to add more features to the existing code as your business grows.
  • Confidentiality, that no outsider will know how you operate your business technically.
  • Fully automation of business based on your workflow not guided by the owners of ready solutions.
  • A competitive advantage when you own a unique Market place solution under your business.
  • You can incorporate unique features based on your requirements
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Disadvantages of Custom Development

  • It takes initial investment to start custom development of food ordering marketplace solutions
  • We need to wait for 4 – 6 months or more based on the features you would like to develop.
  • Some time can’t wait for so long where the opportunity arises in the present time. Like we are seeing in the corona crisis period.
  • If your all requirement is planned in advance then it’s good to go ahead else when you asked to change something in between it takes more time and money as a change request.
  • In custom development you can’t test the features before development, You can only test the features with your customers after a waiting period of a few months.

Ready Food Delivery Marketplace Solution Cost

Ready solutions are also effective in terms of making a solid business foundation. You got the idea to start a Marketplace business of Food delivery business and want to try and see how is the market in your local area. You can start with a ready solution which generally costs $1999 only. And there is no waiting period of months to dive into the market.

You can start with a Ready Market Place solution and acquire a few clients and also learn the process of this business altogether. When you see now it’s a time to scale further, you can go with the custom marketplace development.

Advantages of Ready Food Delivery Marketplace Solution

  • The turnkey solution helps you to start your business immediately
  • You can approach your Restaurant customers with proper business branding and solution in hand to showcase them
  • The initial investment is low, You can spend more on the marketing of your new business
  • Easy to learn the processes involved in running a Food delivery marketplace business when you are new in this business.
  • Complete branding of your business.
  • Invest gradually as your business grow, No need for huge funding at the initial stage of business.
  • 100% white label solutions for Food delivery market place apps are available in the market.
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Disadvantages of Ready Food Delivery Marketplace Solution

  • Each ready market place solution has fix set of features, If you want to add on some features it will cost exactly the same as a new custom development which gives the impression that the developer company is charging high prices for the changes.
  • Code ownership always stays with the developer company that developed it. Basically developer company charges a fee to use their system where they already invested a cost of development themself.
  • Less to no chances of big VC investment on using the ready-made solution.
  • Developer company white-label the solution into your business but the features are not unique to your business offerings

Although there are few disadvantages of using a ready-made market place solution. But you will gain more returns than you invested in a ready food delivery market place solution.

If you are looking for a professional food delivery marketplace development company you can reach, We do have all ready marketplace solutions or also do custom development based on your requirements.

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