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How QR code based food ordering works for Restaurant

how qr enabled web ordering works

QR based food menu provides greater benefits in the present period of contactless delivery of services in the Restaurant industry. Due to recent pandemic conditions of coronavirus, the way of doing things has been changed now. People start using services without any human interactions and want contactless facilities as much as possible.

How QR code based food ordering works for restaurants?

  • Use case 1: Your customer comes to your restaurant and finds a big print of QR code (as shown above in illustration) at multiple places for your restaurant premises. On the counter, tables, entrance even in advertisement materials. Customers scan the QR code through the iPhone camera and it shows a link to open in the safari browser. There they get the mobile responsive version of your food menu. They don’t need to install any app or nothing, Just straight forward your menu and option to place order without any human interaction.

    Customers can place the order directly from their mobile device and pay the amount without any touch of any card or physical currency payment.

    The order goes to your Kitchen Tablet App, you process the order and deliver the food to table number as punched by the customer along with the order. In the Kitchen tablet app, there is a feature to print order on your thermal printer manually or it will automatically print KOT order receipt in the kitchen without any human intervention.

    Using QR enabled web ordering system is the best & innovative way to greet your customer in style with full safety. Here is the snapshot of the mobile responsive version of the web ordering system just as an example.
  • Use case 2: You can stick the QR codes to your parking area or drive-thru area where your customer comes to scan the QR code and get your digital food menu open in their smartphones and place the order of the favorite choice with the option of takeaway & car number. Customers either pay through the card in the app or can pay in currency cash to the person who delivers the order in the parking area.

    The order directly goes to the kitchen tablet app or web-based admin application. You prepare the food and deliver it to your parking area to the same car number as mentioned in the order receipt. If the order is paid by cash then take the money from the customer or the order is already paid while placing the order.

    This will be another form of contactless takeaway orders or curbside pickup orders.
  • Use case 3: You can print this QR code in advertisement papers, marketing flyers, marketing emails, social media sites, promotional blogs, or whatever media you use for marketing your business.

    Your customer can scan the QR code and get your digital food menu. Select their choice of items from the food menu and place orders to deliver at their home or office / pre-schedule the order for takeaway at their desired time.
  • Use case 4: QR enabled web ordering system even work for your Dine-In customers. Everybody wants to avoid human interactions these days and want safety as much as possible. You can place a QR code at each table of your restaurant dining area. The customer comes to take their place of the table and scan QR code to get your full fledge digital menu & start placing their order.

    The order goes to your kitchen tablet app and they process the orders to serve your dining area customers. Customers can pay online in a mobile responsive web ordering system or can pay cash to the table or at the cash counter of the restaurant.
  • Use case 5: Your customer can take a pic of your QR code and place orders from their home or offices. They share QR code to other relatives & friends so that they will also order when they want. It can be a tool of recommendation. You already know the referred customer can be a long term customer better than finding new customers on a daily basis.
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Benefits of QR code enabled web ordering system

  1. Contactless Food Services: You can serve contactless services to your esteemed customers and gain their confidence in eating out during this pandemic situation. Patterns of eating out have been changed your customers are more concerned about safety and hygiene. They want to avoid or less human interactions to be safe from infection. Providing contactless services is an opportunity to show special gestures to your customers & employee safety.
  2. Reduce Overheads: Contactless QR enabled web ordering systems to help you in reducing your recurring cost to print paper menus. Paper menus can be a source for spreading an infection from one to many. Using a self-ordering system increase the number of orders with reduced numbers of staff. there will be a saving of staff costs also.
  3. Increase customer loyalty: When your regular customers get to know that you have taken various precautional measures for safety of your customers, it gains the confidence of your customer and they feel special as you are doing all this for their safety not just to grow your sales on the stake of compromising your customer safety. The safety of your customers & employees is highly important these days.
  4. Advantage of early adoption: If you see your competition, Nowadays every restaurant adopting an innovative way to provide contactless services to its customers. This is a stage of life where everything has been changed due to recent pandemic crisis and people want a change of using the services, they are comfortable with these changes and it gradually increasing to all businesses. If you adopt these changes today your customer will be happier and will use it.
  5. Highly profitable: If you own these types of contactless QR based web ordering system for your own restaurant brand there will be no recurring charges to use any third-party aggregators. There is a one-time investment which is also too less in terms of features. This cost you can easily get back in a few months of its usage or maybe within the first month only.

    It generates three verticals for your business – Contactless Dine-In Food Ordering, Contactless Pick-up Food Ordering, Contactless Food delivery. Having more verticles in the business means more sales, mote sales lead to an increase in revenues and high-profit margins.

Boost your sales in your restaurant business using QR enabled contactless web ordering system. We have ready-made solutions for you and its cost is also so reasonable starting from $999 only.

Contactless food ordering system for Restaurant Owners

contactless food ordering system
contactless food ordering system


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