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Why Grocery Businesses are choosing for Mobile Apps

why grocery businesses choosing mobile apps

There was a time when people visited the grocery shops in the market to purchase the items that they need on a daily basis. Gradually, this concept was changed to the concept of supermarkets, where people have a lot of varieties in items and choices but now in the current scenario of COVID 19 or corona crisis grocery shops have moved to online grocery stores that are easily accessible on mobile phones through grocery delivery mobile apps.

Mobile grocery delivery apps are gaining popularity and day-by-day mobile apps are becoming the need of every person, be it a business or a common man. In the present time for safety people are preferring to use mobile apps instead of going to grocery shops to buy groceries. This is because mobile apps for grocery shopping giving a chance of contactless medium and less to zero human interaction during the pandemic situation of the coronavirus. 

Not only contactless transaction, But what if we can get fresh fruits, vegetables, and many daily needed items at our doorstep. I know this would really be like a blessing for everyone who has busy work schedules, does not like to spend time buying groceries in shops, and also for the business people who want to earn more profits and revenue by investing less. 

People nowadays are living in a digital age and are more used to making use of technology for all their daily activities and needs. Due to increased use of mobile devices the whole world is perceiving a hike in increased use of mobile apps especially e-commerce apps and people in the grocery businesses are also in the same row.

Ready Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps

Why it’s a time to have On-Demand Grocery Mobile apps now in the corona / COVID 19 period?

  1. Precaution & Safety: Grocery Delivery Mobile apps help your business to maintain social distancing norms for your customers & employees.
  2. Increase your sales during the downtime: You are already aware of freezing of the whole world in recent times due to lockdown to safeguard citizens from pandemic disease. During this period only essential deliveries are allowed, where all sales impacted because customers didn’t want to take the risk to visit supermarkets. To overcome, this scenario, mobile apps are a great arm to take orders from your customers from their convenience of home.
  3. 100% contactless transactions: Due to the pandemic situation of virus-like corona or COVID 19, people want to follow social distancing and stay out of crowded places as much possible is for them. Having mobile apps for grocery businesses gives them the convenience to order their daily routine items from their home or office and take benefits of contactless delivery at their doorstep.
  4. Get to know their Consumers Better: the grocery businesses get the opportunity to understand the consumers’ behavior. It is necessary for businesses to know what their consumers are looking for, what they are liking, or what are their dislikes, at what time they prefer to shop whether they prefer to shop on weekends or on weekdays. Mobile apps for grocery business gives the opportunity to know the behavioral analytics of your customer shopping. This data further helps in the marketing & stocking of more quantities of popular items in your warehouse.
  5. The information about what items they like to shop more such as pulses, cereals, bakery items, eatables, FMCG products, etc. What mode of payment they are choosing to pay the bills; is it cash on delivery, online payment, and payment through credit or debit cards, etc. All the data is necessary to get an insight into the taste and choices of your consumer in order to serve them better. All such information can easily be obtained by mobile apps that is why grocery businesses opt for mobile apps.  
  6. Offer Wide Range of Products to Your Customers: Grocery mobile apps allows the app owners to offer a variety of products to their customers from different brands at a single platform. It is not restricted to only offering you products but it also allows the users to select the product from such a brand that offers the best price that fits their budget. So, we can say that grocery apps have the products for each customer as per their choice and budget.  
  7. Grocery Apps are Time-Saving and Cost-Saving: As already said above, that buying groceries is a tedious job and people always lack time because of their busy schedules.

    Grocery mobile apps are best for such people as they do not have to visit the store, walk around with a basket to search for their items, pick them and wait in line for their turn to pay the bills.

    Businesses, permanent staff needs to be engaged at the store at all the places such as the billing counter, at the main entrance, at the exit so it also needs an investment of manpower on the part of the shop owner.

    Having grocery mobile apps solve such problems as people will order the products online, you will receive orders through a mobile app, receive payments via mobile app, only you need few delivery persons to get the order received delivered at the customer’s location. This saves your time as well as expenses also. 
  8. Customer convenience: Mobile apps are a convenient way to serve your customers better as they can place their orders at any time suitable and convenient to them and from everywhere they just need to have the mobile app installed into their mobile devices. 

    They can place orders for doorstep deliveries or curbside pickups. So that they don’t need to stay in long ques and can practice social distancing without hampering the sales of the grocery business in this period of time.
  9. Order Tracking: Another reason for the popularity of mobile apps is that it allows the customers to track their orders and grocery apps also do the same. Groceries are the necessary items people need in their daily life and if they get the facility to track their orders it would be just like the cherry on the cake as they are able to know the current status of their orders and when it is going to reach them.

    Contactless deliveries play a great role in the order tracking feature of the grocery delivery mobile app.
  10. Helps you to Give Offer and Discounts: The competition is getting fierce as the number of grocery apps is increasing at a rapid rate. Grocery mobile apps are giving attractive offers and discounts in order to attract more and more customers. Having a grocery mobile app eases you to offer discounts on every product such as fruits and vegetables, beverages, pulses, soaps and detergent, and so on. Customers can easily avail of the benefits of such offers and discounts to gain maximum benefits on their purchasing. 
  11. Helps in Managing Budget: Customers have often seen spending on stuff they did not need but when they went shopping in-store they place orders for things they did not need really and they realize after how much they have spent unnecessarily. When they shop online at grocery stores they can keep a check on their budget and can track how much they are spending on grocery items each month and can control it if it is beyond their estimated budget.
  12. Provides Convenient Payment Options: Grocery apps allow customers to make payments for their orders the way they find convenient such as net banking, payment through debit cards or credit cards, or if they want they can also pay cash after the order is delivered to them. 
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Looking at all the above-mentioned points we can say that having an opportunity to order groceries through a mobile app is beneficial from every perspective. 


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