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How to start earning $12000 per month in the delivery business in 2021?

earn money online food delivery business

Thank you guys for been here and reading this article. Just a disclaimer that it is nothing about quickly making money online or something related to earn quick money without hard work. We are a Food apps development company so this article related to the detailed information about someone who can earn a minimum of $12000 per month through our ready online food delivery solutions.

So you want to start a new business or presently running a business delivery business then this is an informative article specially for you.


It really kicked hard many restaurant businesses due to the pandemic situation of the covid19 virus since last year. With a god grace, some places coming back to normal routine but as everyone knows it really changed the way of restaurant customers for placing orders or taking food services. Everyone looking for hygienic protocols more importantly, less human touch, maintaining distance, protecting employees, etc.

This gives a berth to many new opportunities for the online food ordering business. Many new online food ordering platforms come up to help nearby restaurants with cost-effective terms. Online food delivery business was popular for last few years but presently it’s a right time to launch your own food delivery business as the majority of customers are relying on it and it helps your local restaurants to sustain in their business too.

Online Food Ordering Delivery Marketplace

your own online business

Earning models in the Online food delivery marketplace business

There are numerous ways to earn money in the online food delivery marketplace business. It depends on your business strategy on how your restaurant owners comfortable with it. Here are the few as following

  • Famous & Tested model is commission on each order – By this way, many restaurants can join your platform because they need to release commission once they get the order from your platform. No confusion or no questions about your new presence in this business domain. You market your platform, customers place orders by selecting their favorite restaurant, you or restaurant staff deliver the order, and the restaurant owner pays fixed or percent of the order amount.
  • Fixed Monthly Subscription Plans for Restaurant – You can offer fixed plans which contain different characteristics like a limit on the number of orders, premium tag feature, the number of food items they can offer to order by customers, the limit on days of usage, etc. Here Restaurant owner pays you a fixed monthly fee to use your marketplace platform.
  • Sponsored Restaurant listings – You can offer custom plans to sponsor listing of selected restaurants, to rank them on top in the search list, and give a tag of the premium restaurant to them. You can run a time-based campaign for them to make them sponsored for a limited number of days.
  • Provide delivery services to them – There are many restaurant owners who don’t provide delivery services to stay away from the overheads of delivery boys etc. You can hire a few delivery boys for your area and provide delivery services to them where you charge a distance-based fee or fixed fee on each order for delivery.
  • Provide them packing stationary – If you further expand your business you can have a tie-up with any packing manufacturer and provide the services of packing stationery to restaurant owners. Restaurant owners love to get all services under one roof & here is an opportunity for Marketplace platform providers.
  • Digital marketing plans – You can offer customize plans of digital marketing to restaurant owners, to promote them on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, public forums, google business listings, etc. Increase their reach and branding to get them more new customers.
  • Mobile text (SMS) marketing plans – Mostly all marketplace solutions come up with the text marketing feature. You can offer different packages to the restaurant owners to help them to spread their offers to their customers to increase their revenues.
  • Provide them branded mobile apps – Few restaurant owners want to present their brand among customers exclusively not with the crowd on the marketplace platform. Here you can provide them branded mobile app for food ordering services with the same benefits as mentioned above. The only difference is this app contains food items exclusively from the selected restaurant only.

Basically when you have a collection of Restaurant Owners with you then you can offer any exclusive service to them to promote their business & get them additional revenues.

How to start a Food Ordering Marketplace business?

First and foremost you need to know what all digital assets you need to start your own online food ordering platform. You need following things to launch your business:

  • Business Branding – Logo, Content, Brand Colors
  • Web Portal – Multi Restaurant Online Web Portal
  • Backend Operation – Web Management Panel for Restaurant Owner & Master Web Management Panel for Platform Owner’s Staff.
  • Delivery Management Web Panel – To manage delivery boys, their delivery reports, order management, tracking, etc.
  • Multi-Restaurant Mobile App – A mobile app that lists all restaurants & their food menu offered to be ordered by the customers. The app should be for both platforms iOS & Android.
  • Order Management App for Restaurant Staff – The mobile app is handy for restaurant owners to manage all incoming orders.
  • Mobile apps for delivery riders – It is essential for delivery boys to order deliveries.
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Where to get these applications?

It depends on your budget or business strategy. Nowadays lots of IT companies are available to provide you a custom developed solution as per your need or if you want to check the water of the market you can get the ready-made solutions for Food Delivery Market place business.

Cost-wise there is a very big difference between the two. Custom solution specially developed for your requirements need longer time & budget range around $10000 – $15000 or maybe higher. Whereas ready solution can be in the range of $2500 – $4000 only.

The ready solution is the best strategy to take to check the water level of the market and immediate launch of the business. You can purchase a ready solution that is already tested in the market and start to sign up for your restaurant owners.

Ready Food Marketplace Website & Mobile apps




  • Good stuff that sheds much-needed light on mobile application development as for any service, whether to find a good restaurant or book a cab, most people prefer and rely on relevant service provider mobile apps. Moreover, in today’s world, it becomes difficult to get enough traffic for your business if your business doesn’t have an online presence. However, the details you mention here would be very much helpful for the beginner.

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