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How to use QR code restaurant menu?

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Updated article but still it is valid to reduce your overheads & increase your food order revenues.

Due to pandemic conditions, although now restaurant business slowly coming back to the opening still, the concern of virus has not gone away completely. It completely changed the way of doing the food business. Customers & employees are more concerned about hygienic & contactless ordering.

In the current period of the POST corona, It is advisable and highly optimum to adopt digital solutions in your business right now to sustain good business & your customer faith. Use QR code enabled contactless digital menus to serve the purpose of the contactless food ordering operations. It is easy to implement and cost reasonable too.

How to use a QR code for a restaurant menu for contactless food ordering?

  • Get an online mobile responsive web ordering system
  • Digital Restaurant Food Menu
  • QR Code generator
  • Accessible without any human interaction
  • Enable your customer to click the photos of QR codes
  • Dine-in Table Ordering
  • Keep your food menu updated on a daily basis
  • Market your QR code
  • Get an online mobile responsive web ordering system – Your food ordering system will act as a digital food menu & brand asset for your restaurant. It should be mobile responsive and easy to browse through any mobile device like a web app.
  • Digital Restaurant Food Menu – The food ordering system enables you to showcase your food menu, food images, description, prices, etc. It is a digital platform to showcase your food menu which doesn’t need repetitive cost to update the food menu as we see in the traditional style of paper menu.
  • QR Code generator – The web ordering system should have a feature to generate a unique URL of your web ordering system & link it to QR codes. These QR codes used to print on the table stands, cash counter, parking, etc.
  • Accessible without any human interaction– You should stick these QR codes in the laminated paper on table stands, cash counter, entry area, parking bay, etc. They should be stick to the places which is easy to access for customers without any interaction with the restaurant staff.
  • Enable your customer to click the photos of QR codes – Enable your customers to click the pic of the QR code so that they can access your food ordering system from their home, office, or anywhere for delivery or pickup orders.
  • Dine-in Table Ordering – COntactless food ordering system should have features to detect the table number automatically while your customer placing an order while sitting in your restaurant.
  • Keep your food menu updated on daily basis – Contact less web ordering system enables you to update your food menu their descriptions, prices very easily from the web backend panel. Keep it always updated for your customers.
  • Market your QR code – You can easily market your QR codes on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, emails, etc. This will increase traffic to your restaurant and convenient to place orders for your customers.
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Benefits of using QR code based Restaurant Menu

  • Contactless food ordering system – QR code-based restaurant food menu is a contactless way of the food ordering system. In the current scenario where everyone having concerns over the spread of viruses due to human touch. It is a system to provide contactless food ordering operations for customers & employees of your restaurant business.
  • The convenience of placing orders – Customer feels safe & can place orders of their favorite food from anywhere. There is a belief that when a customer sees photos of the food on the menu they place more orders as compare to give verbal orders to the waiter staff.
  • No Need for any mobile app – Your customers don’t need to download any app on their mobile devices. A simple pic of the QR code of your restaurant menu will play a whole wonder.
  • High ROI on your marketing – you can easily market your QR codes on social media & digital platforms. due to the high usage of QR codes, results in a high return on your marketing expenditure.
  • Efficiency in business operations – QR code-based food ordering system comes with a backend panel to manage the food menu & a good system to manage the orders in your kitchen. Which makes whole operations more robust and efficient.

contactless food ordering system
Contactless food ordering system



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    Thanks for sharing this useful information. This is a great idea to use QR code during this time. It will be really beneficial for both the customers as well as suppliers. I will definitely recommend this things to the restaurant owners.

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